In this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Donald Miller and Tyler Reagin chat about embracing vulnerability, staying faithful in the process, and the myth of overnight success. Plus, new music from Jesus Culture.

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In this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Tyler Reagin chats with Jesus Culture Founder, and author of Rooted, Banning Liebscher about what it means to not only be in process, but to thrive in it. 

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This week's episode of the Catalyst Podcast asks what is it that you really want, and how are you taking steps to get it? First Tyler Reagin sits down with Bob Goff to talk about desiring the things that last, and then Jason Haynes chats with James KA Smith about developing routines to become who you want to be. 

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Jason Haynes talks with author, Charles Duhigg, about productivity and his latest book, Smarter Faster Better. Then, Tyler Reagin sits down with Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback, Andy Dalton, and talks about how he properly stewards his public influence.

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In this episode, Jason Haynes talks with two life planning experts - blogger and author, Michael Hyatt, helps you learn how to get the life you want, and Chris Hogan talks about the importance of making better decisions.

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