Erwin McManus shares with Brian Wurzell and Cole NeSmith how the choices you make today affect the future you live tomorrow. Then, Brad Lomenick talks about navigating seasons of life with author and co-founder of Q, Rebekah Lyons.

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Brian Wurzell and Beth Pilgreen sit down with Christine Caine at Catalyst LIVE in Atlanta to talk about why it's important to face your giants. Then, Brad Lomenick chats with two creative geniuses - Stephen Brewster from Cross Point Church in Nashville and Larry Hubatka from Elevation Church.

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Cole NeSmith sits down with Andy Stanley at Catalyst Atlanta to discuss awakening the wonder in ourselves and the people around us, meanwhile Brad Lomenick and Jennie Allen chat about what it means to overcome the fear of following a God-Sized dream. 

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Brad Lomenick sits down with Trip Lee, hip-hop artist, pastor, and author of Rise, and talks about what it's like to communicate through the many platforms he's been given. Then, Jason Haynes talks about what happens when we question faith with Sarah Bessey, blogger and author of Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith.

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