Brenda Salter McNeil :: Episode 53 A dynamic preacher, evangelist and thought-leader with over 20 years of experience in the field of racial and ethnic reconciliation, Brenda Salter McNeil is the president and founder of Salter McNeil & Associates, a Christian company that partners with organizations to transform them into reconciling communities. Our Next Gen Profile features Chris Heuertz, International Director of Word Made Flesh, a community called and committed to serving Jesus among the poorest of the poor.
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In this episode, Ken Coleman visits Dave Ramsey's Headquarters in Franklin, TN. Listen in as Ken sits down with Debbie LoCurto, Vice President of Financial Peace University, to discuss a new churchwide initiative called Momentum.
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Erwin McManus :: Episode 52 Check out this exclusive interview with Erwin McManus, primary communicator and cultural architect of Mosaic in Los Angeles. Listen in as Erwin discusses entrepreneurship, creativity in the church, and his new book Wide Awake, The Future is Waiting Within You.
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