In the first episode of 2011, Ken sits down for an in-depth conversation with Lanny Donoho, founder of Big Stuf Camps and 410 Bridge, emcee emeritus of Catalyst, author of God's Blogs, and recent studio audience member on Oprah.

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Merry Christmas everyone. In this episode Brad catches up with Chuck Swindoll, longtime pastor, speaker, and best-selling author. We discuss his recent book The Church Awakening, along with several other topics pertinent to leaders.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_SpEd_ChuckSwindoll.mp3
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Best-selling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind Dan Pink sits down with Tim Elmore backstage at Catalyst for an incredibly practical and helpful conversation. We also catch up with Jeremy Cowart, award winning photographer and founder of Help Portrait, and creator of the new Lifefinder DVD.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_115_DanPink.mp3
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Part Two of our feature interview with Louie Giglio, founder and visionary architect of Passion Conferences, as well as pastor of Passion City Church. We discuss the One Million Can Campaign, leadership, calling, and Auburn football, plus a few other surprises.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_114_LouiePt2.mp3
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Part One of an extended feature interview with Louie Giglio, founder and visionary architect of Passion Conferences and pastor of Passion City Church.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_113_LouiePt1_2ndEdit.mp3
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A special Thanksgiving edition, featuring an interview with Mark Batterson, best-selling author and founding pastor of National Community Church in DC. Ken is joined in studio by Carlos Whittaker, Tripp Crosby and Jeff Shinabarger for some Thanksgiving fun.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_SpEd_Tgiving2010_Final.mp3
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A double interview episode focused on the issue of modern day slavery and human trafficking, featuring Christine Caine, author, speaker and founder of the A21 Campaign, and David Batstone, professor, author and founder of Not for Sale. We also discuss the new Catalyst West website and the usual banter from Brad and Ken.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_112_ChristineCaine_Final.mp3
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Ken talks backstage at Catalyst with good friend Seth Godin, marketing guru, uber blogger and the best-selling author of several books, including most recently Tribes and Linchpin. We also have One Question with Dave Ramsey, and opine just a bit on the recent election results...

Direct download: Cat10Pod_111_SethGodin_FINAL.mp3
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Tim Elmore and Marcus Buckingham both impact leaders at all levels. In this episode, we catch up with Marcus Buckingham, the Strengths guru, for the One Questions segment, and Ken sits down with Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders and the author of Generation iY, for a candid conversation on the next generation.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_110_TimElmore_Final.mp3
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A power-packed episode, including a feature interview with Jim Collins, best-selling author of Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall, and Randall Wallace, writer of Braveheart and director of the recently released blockbuster Secretariat.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_109_JimCollins_Final.mp3
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Catalyst Atlanta 2010 is over, but we're just getting started in terms of the exponential impact that will occur over the next year. Listen in as Ken and Brad discuss a number of important projects and initiatives launched at Catalyst 2010, including a brand new book from Gabe Lyons entitled "The Next Christians." Gabe talks about the book, why it is important, and how we as Christ followers in today's culture should feel hopeful and excited. Also,make sure and visit to receive a handful of free gifts tied to the book release and purchase.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_108_GabeLyons_Final.mp3
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Catalyst Conference 2010 is officially here. Listen in as you make the trek to ATL as the Catalyst Team provides important information, details, and as always, a little entertainment. Joined in studio by Carlos Whittaker, Tripp Crosby, Tyler Stanton, and a few other special guests.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_SpEd_Roadtrip_2010East.mp3
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Another packed episode featuring two leading bloggers, authors and speakers. Anne Jackson is the author of Permission to Speak Freely and blogs at Scot McKnight is a professor at North Park University, author of The Blue Parakeet and blogs at the Jesus Creed.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_107_jackson_mcknight.mp3
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A packed episode featuring an interview with Pete Wilson, founder and senior pastor of Crosspoint Church in Nashville. We also go into the event archives for a great conversation between Andy Stanley and Jim Collins, and our next generation leader profile is Matt Chambers, founder of Safe World Nexus.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_106_Wilson2ndEdit.mp3
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A double interview episode featuring Francis Chan, best-selling author of Crazy Love, and Mark Schlabach, ESPN author and columnist and co-author of Bobby Bowden's latest book, Called to Coach. Carlos Whittaker is also in studio with a special music offer only available to Catalyst podcast listeners!

Direct download: Cat10Pod_105_Chan_Schlabach_final.mp3
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This episode includes a feature interview with Kay Warren, best-selling author of Dangerous Surrender and co-founder of Saddleback Church, as well as catching up with Carlos Whittaker on his infamous road trip from CA to the ATL.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_104_KayWarren_Final.mp3
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Listen in as Brad interviews business leader Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and best-selling author of the book Delivering Happiness. Zappos is considered a world leader in customer service and loyalty, and Tony shares what makes Zappos a great place to work. We also continue our Meet Your Catalyst Intern segment and hear about Ken and Brad's recent LA adventure.

Direct download: Cat10Pod_103_TonyHsieh_Final.mp3
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Featuring an in-depth interview with David Platt, senior pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, frequent conference speaker, and author of the recent book entitled Radical. We also continue the summer series Meet Your Catalyst Intern.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_102_Platt_Final.mp3
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Today we hear from Kyle Korver, who recently signed with the Chicago Bulls. Kyle and Ken discuss his Foundation that helps inner city children in Philadelphia. Kyle also talks about how he shares his faith in the NBA. Then we spend some time catching up with Jon Gordon and discuss his new book, Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_101_Korver_Gordon_2ndedit.mp3
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Our 100th episode features an interview with Steven Furtick, lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, past Catalyst speaker, and author of the forthcoming book Sun Stand Still. We also continue with the summer series of Meet Your Catalyst Intern.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_100_Furtick_Final.mp3
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A packed lineup of guests on this episode, including Joshua Dubois, director of the White House office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, along with a roundtable conversation at Catalyst West between Scott Belsky, Michael Hyatt, and Carlos Whittaker, all recently interviewed on the podcast.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_SPed_Dubois_Hyatt_Belsky_LosWhit.mp3
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In this episode, Brad sits down with Charlene Li, who is an expert in social media and technology. They talk about her new book, Open Leadership, and how technology is changing the future of leadership.

Direct download: CAT10Pod_99_Li_Golden.mp3
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A double episode featuring an interview with Erwin McManus and Craig Groeschel. Erwin talks about his work in film and entertainment, plus we discuss some perspectives on cultural engagement. And Craig highlights One Prayer and the growing movement of Churches engaged in the One Prayer project.
Direct download: CAT10Pod_98_Erwin_Groeschel.mp3
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In this episode, Anne Jackson interviews the one and only actress and author Susan Isaacs.  They discuss Susan's book, Angry Conversations with God, and her journey of trusting God. We also get introduced to the new team of Catalyst interns. 

Direct download: Cat10Pod_97_SusanIsaacs.mp3
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Our feature interview is John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and author of the recently released The Me I Want to Be. This episode also includes catching up with Lanny Donoho and Jon Acuff.
Direct download: Cat10Pod_96_Ortberg_1.mp3
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A special edition featuring Soledad OBrien, anchor and correspondent for CNN, and Jonathan Olinger, founder of Discover the Journey. Soledad teamed up with Jonathan to create a new documentary entitled Discover the Rescued which airs on CNN Saturday, May 8 at 8 pm EST. We sit down with Soledad and Jonathan to learn more about the film, the issue of orphans in Haiti and around the world, and why it is imperative we stay involved.
Direct download: CAT10Pod_SpEd_SoledadOBrien.mp3
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Catalyst West 2010 has come and gone. In this episode we hear a backstage interview with Donald Miller.  He speaks about the fatherlessness epidemic and why churches must get involved.  

Direct download: 95_DonaldMiller.mp3
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Jimmy Wales :: Episode 94

Our feature interview is with Jimmy Wales, an innovative entrepreneur best known for founding Wikipedia. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. Jimmy is also the founder of Wikia, a provider of wiki creation software and wiki-based search services.

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Gayle Haggard :: Edition 93

In this episode, we will learn from Gayle Haggard about forgiveness and grace. After her husband was exposed for a gay-drug scandal in 2006, she chose to forgive him; she also discusses her new book, Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made in My Darkest Hour.  We also spend a few minutes catching up with Matthew Sleeth regarding his latest Blessed Earth project.

Direct download: 93_gaylehaggard.mp3
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Mark Driscoll :: Edition 92

Mark Driscoll, teaching and founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, speaks candidly about multi-campus sites, social media, and equipping leaders through the Acts 29 Network.

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Jim Daly :: Edition 91

We catch up with Jim Daly, President of the influential ministry Focus on the Family and author of Finding Home. We also talk briefly with Jeb Stuart, writer/director of the new film, Blood Done Sign My Name.

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Scott Belsky and Michael Hyatt :: Edition 90

A double interview featuring Scott Belsky and Michael Hyatt. Scott is the founder and CEO of Behance, originator of the 99% Conference, and the author of a brand new book entitled Making Ideas Happen. Michael Hyatt is the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and an uber popular blogger on Leadership.

Direct download: 90_scottbelsky.mp3
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Seth Godin :: Edition 89 Our fearless leader, Brad Lomenick, sits down with Seth Godin, renown marketing guru, to talk about the shift in the economy, the Lizard Brain and Seth's new book, Linchpin.
Direct download: 89_sethgodin.mp3
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Rick Warren :: Edition 88 Ken and Brad interview Rick Warren, best-selling author and founder of Saddleback Church. We discuss 30 years of Saddleback, mentors, Twitter and the upcoming Radicalis Conference.
Direct download: 88_RickWarren.mp3
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Malcolm Gladwell :: Edition 87

Malcolm Gladwell is a best-selling author, writer for the New Yorker Magazine, and widely identified as one of the leading minds in the world today. His most recent book, What the Dog Saw just released last fall. In this episode, we also talk about the year ahead for Catalyst and make a special announcement regarding Catalyst One Day in Chicago.

Direct download: 87_malcolmgladwell.mp3
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