On this annual Catalyst West Roadtrip Episode, listen in on a conversation between Dallas Willard and John Ortberg from Catalyst West one year ago in 2010. Plus some helpful tips on making your Catalyst West experience a great one.

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This episode features an interview with Reggie Joiner, longtime Catalyst emcee and founder of Orange and The Orange Conference. We also catch up with Mike Foster, co-founder of People of the Second Chance and author of the recent book Gracenomics.

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We sit down with Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, and Jamie Tworkowski, founder of To Write Love on Her Arms, to talk leadership, vision, and the latest with their respective organizations. We also catch up with Danny Wuerffel, Heisman Trophy winner and current president of Desire Street Ministries.

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In this unprecedented episode, Perry Noble sits down backstage at Catalyst with Bishop TD Jakes to talk leadership, unity, overcoming obstacles, and wisdom for the next generation of leaders. We also introduce the newest Catalyst intern.

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