Mike Foster sits down with Jason Russell of Invisible Children at Catalyst Atlanta 2013 and chats about authenticity plus the personal impact Invisible Children's recognition has had on Jason's life. Then, Ken Coleman talks to Angie Smith about her book, Chasing God, and how she's relearning her faith.

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Brad Lomenick sits down with Judah Smith to talk about his impact on Hollywood and his book, Jesus Is. Then Tyler chats with Margaret Feinberg about a new project she is kicking off for Lent. Plus, we preview a new podcast, 20with20s.

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From Catalyst Atlanta 2013, Ken interviews Uncle Si Roberston about the success of Duck Dynasty and the influcence of the Roberston family. Then, Cole NeSmith talks with Mark and Jan Foreman, parents of Tim and Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, about parenting, church structure, and how to get people involved at church.

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Bianca Olthoff talks with Ann Voskamp, Rebekah Lyons, and Lysa TerKeurst about what it means to be known.

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