Creation Care Roundtable :: Episode 66 This episode features a creation care roundtable with Matthew Sleeth, Rusty Pritchard, and Jonathan Merritt. Listen in as they discuss the idea of God's concern for all of creation and the implications for your ministry.
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Guy Kawasaki :: Episode 65 Guy Kawasaki is one of the leading minds on marketing and innovation in the world. He is an uber blogger, former MAC evangelist for Apple, Twitter extraordinaire, author of nine books, and soon to be speaker at Catalyst West Coast. We also sit down for an interview with Kary Oberbrunner, speaker, pastor, and author of The Fine Line.
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Pete Scazzero :: Episode 64 Pete Scazzero shares his story from pastoring New Life Fellowship Church, a multi-racial, multi-ethnic congregation of 1000 people representing over 65 nations in Queens, NY. Hear specifically about the racial implications of integrating emotional health and contemplative spirituality into our own lives, our leadership and then into our congregations. We also hear from Jon Gordon, speaker, consultant, and author of The Energy Bus and The No Complaining Rule.
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