Chris Seay :: Special Edition In this Christmas season, we hear from Chris Seay. The founder of Advent Conspiracy, which inspires people to worship fully, spend less, give more and love all.
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Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson :: Edition 86 In this Thanksgiving episode we sit down with Jon Tyson and Darren Whitehead. These pastors from Australia talk about what they have learned and what they are still learning as young leaders.
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Chuck Swindoll :: Edition 85 In this episode we hear from Catalyst's 2009 lifetime achievement award winner, Chuck Swindoll. In this interview he speaks about brokenness, accountability and why it is dangerous to be successful.
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Tony Dungy :: Edition 84 Listen in on our live interview from Catalyst 2009 with Tony Dungy, the former Super Bowl-winning coach of the Indianapolis Colts. 

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Scott Harrison :: Edition 83 Scott Harrison is the founder of charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Charity has already raised over ten million dollars in the past three years towards water projects. We also hear from Catalyst emcee, Lanny Donoho for a recap of this year's event.
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Rob Bell :: Edition 82 Catalyst 2009 has come and gone. In this episode we talk about a few highlights from the event, share a few stories and hear from Rob Bell, the founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible church in Grand Rapids.
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Road Trip Edition :: Edition 81 Catalyst Conference 2009 is officially here. Listen in as you make the trek to Atlanta as the Catalyst Team provides important information, details, and as always, a little entertainment.
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Johnny Carr :: Special Edition A special edition featuring Johnny Carr, National Director of Church Partnerships with Bethany Christian Services.  Listen in as we discuss what role the church plays in educating their congregation about caring for the orphans.  

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Andy Stanley :: Episode 80 In this episode, Andy Stanley discusses the new adventures of North Point online. We also have a candid conversation about his personal leadership development process.

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Michael Hyatt :: Episode 79 In this episode, we sit down with Michael Hyatt, Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, to discuss business practices as a CEO, the future of social media, and his advice to the next generation of leaders.
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